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Italy prisoners and 20,000 Germany prisoner of war. During the long retreat, Rommel had twice tried to stop the resistance, but were repelled by Montgomery. Montgomery later commented: "Rommel was a skilled General. However,coach new arrivals 2011 he has a weakness, that is, repeated his tactics, but that's the way I'm going to beat him. "In order to win this battle Montgomery, he subtly transform operation strategies and develop air cooperation with the generals and the air operations plan, step by step to victory at last. On November 4, all defeat the Germans, Rommel led the remnants had these cities defeat a 700 km, to escape the pursuit of Montgomery. The battle, German forces killed or injured more than 20,000 employees, captured 30,000 people, 1000 pieces of artillery and 500 tanks were destroyed. Montgomery has been nails at the end of Rommel's portrait and want to capture him, but unable to get what they want. Al ' Alamayn defeat Rommel, is the United Kingdom a decisive victory for the first time in the German war, Nazi Germany lost to North Africa's control, allied offensive operations has set an example for later.! "Look at her so strongly, the sailors had to leave the room. They know that if the ships were hit by sinking, the engine room is hard to escape. Miss Victoria left their risk of death. An unarmed vessel to tackle the bombers, there is only one way: the first heading of the ship remain stable, while preparing the bomb when the enemy dive, quickcoach new arrivals swing the bow, the ship left the bomb throwing line. This is accurate, very close by decision between life and death. Deji roared down from the sky again and again, Victoria skillfully maneuvered the turbine, under the master password, "Polly", take the turbine speed turns awkward hull again and again to avoid a fatal attack. "Polly" in Victoria coach new arrivals 2011under the control of, and speed increased from nine sections to section 12.5. Bomb had blown up the chimney, wires
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